A Look at the Kinds of Shuffle Tracking

shuffle tracking is a strategy used in blackjack as a way of turning the advantage to the favor of the player. The idea behind the technique is to monitor certain cards during the shuffle. While usually done in blackjack, casino shuffle tracking is likewise applicable to other card games. It is usually done in six or eight deck shoe games of blackjack because the shuffles are simple.

Here we will look at the three kinds of casino shuffle tracking and how they can give you an advantage.

The first kind of casino shuffle tracking is used as a supplement to card counting. During the course of the game, the player monitors "slugs" or sectors of high or low cards. This will help them retain the high cards and eliminate the low ones resulting to a change in the structure of the deck.

Another variety of casino shuffle tracking is ace sequencing. As the name implies, you determine where the ace is located in the deck. By doing this, you can increase your winning chances by 50.43%. In ace sequencing, you break down single deck. The number of cards is irrelevant as long as they have similar numbers. When the deck has been broken down, he will check out the cards he will cut to which will represent the 52nd card. If you can make an accurate cut and can see an ace coming, you can make the necessary bet.

As a countermeasure for ace sequencing, many casinos have trained their dealers to be more cautious about showing their bottom cards when dividing the deck.

Another form of casino shuffle tracking is ten steering. This is like ace sequencing, however, in this method, you would find out where cards with a value of ten will be monitored instead of ace. The technique is called as such because your aim is to steer the tens to the dealer by selecting additional cards or abstaining from picking another card. Ten steering is intended to increase the dealer's chance of getting busted. In a normal situation, there is a 30% chance that the dealer will bust on any hand. By regularly being dealt a ten, the likelihood of the dealer getting busted will be enhanced.

Casino shuffle tracking is a more difficult technique to learn and master compared to card counting. However, when used correctly, shuffle trackers can look forward to a hefty paycheck at the end of the day.