Understanding Casino Shuffle Tracking

Card counting is a technique that is difficult to learn and master. It is a strategy that works. In the long history of blackjack, there are many successful card counters who have managed to beat the house and walk away with huge money in their pockets.

casino shuffle tracking is one of the newest techniques that are being used by blackjack players. It is an offshoot of card counting but much more difficult to learn. It is likewise known as "cluster tracking." Once mastered, the technique can give you more advantage.

One can be good in both shuffle tracking and card counting. However, to be a good shuffle tracker, a player needs more than photographic memory. They need to be keen observers as well. Shuffle tracking is more complicated than card counting because it requires more focus and longer attention span. On its own, card counting is already hard to understand and adding shuffle tracking to the equation will make blackjack a challenging game.

Here's a simple scenario on how the technique works: Supposed a player is involved in a multiple deck blackjack game and is an exceptional card counter. They would have an idea that the vital face cards are still to be played. If they could find a way to visually track the cards left in the shoe during the succeeding shuffle and monitor if the cards would remain bunched together and where they will end up, they would be able to have a great advantage in the succeeding rounds. Sounds difficult? You bet.

Shuffle trackers are feared by casinos. While casinos have succeeded in cracking the whip on card counters, they are still finding ways to counteract casino shuffle tracking. The technique involves tracking clumps of tens and face cards and monitoring them in the next round of shuffles. The prominence of cards with a value of ten increases the possibility of the dealer getting busted and thus gives the advantage to the player. Shuffle trackers will then increase their bets once the bunch of tens emerges from the shoe.

Planning to use shuffle tracking in online blackjack? The bad news is that this technique would not work in Internet casinos. This is because the cards are reshuffled at the end of each round. Casino shuffle tracking takes advantage of shuffling mistakes that land-based dealers commit. There is simply no way that a computer software could be cheated in any manner.


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