Making Shuffle Tracking Work To Your Advantage

shuffle tracking in blackjack is one of the newest techniques that have not been given attention by the public. Also known as cluster tracking, it is the method of tracking certain cards during the shuffle with the purpose of keeping them in play or totally eliminating them from the picture. Casino shuffle tracking is a complicated strategy which is why amateur players are hesitant to use it. You would need exceptional observation skills and photographic memory.

Shuffle tracking is only applicable in land-based casinos. It will not work in online casinos because the online blackjack software evenly reshuffles the cards at the end of each game.

In order to use shuffle tracking, you need to learn how to analyze the manner the cards are shuffled by the dealer. Remember that even though the cards are shuffled by the dealer, this is not a guarantee that you will get a random deck of cards.

Shuffling a single deck of cards involves breaking down the stack into two parts consisting of 26 cards and shuffling it a minimum of three times. In this manner, mixing the cards will generate a randomized deck.

An Unbalanced Shuffle will not give you much advantage. In this method of shuffling, the deck is divided into two uneven piles consisting of 21 and 31 cards respectively. If the dealer shuffles in a bottom to top manner, the initial ten cards in the larger pile will be unaltered. This will consequently make you lose because the ten cards are similar to those which contributed to your loss in the previous rounds. So if the cards are not shuffled, then it is likely that you will lose the round again.

However, there is one way to counter an Unbalanced Shuffle and turn the advantage to your side. When you are asked to cut the deck, make sure that you cut the pile until the end of the ten cards. Doing so would place the low value cards at the end of the stack. If you can manage to do this, then you can eliminate the low value cards from the picture and bear in mind that the initial four hands which has tens in the stack will be utilized. This will boost your chances of emerging as the winner.

Casino shuffle tracking is a much more difficult technique than card counting. However, when used correctly, you can have a huge advantage and convert it into a win.