The Pitfalls of Shuffle Tracking

Blackjack shuffle tracking is a method that has not grabbed as much attention as card counting. Although it is not effective in online or terrestrial casinos, it can still be utilized in games where modern shuffling strategies are not used.

However, casino shuffle tracking should not be completely ignored as there will be occasions when you can utilize this method and benefit from it. It is a method that has not yet been tried and relies more on the player's hypothesis more than obvious facts.

In this method, you monitor certain cards during the shuffle and then make an accurate prediction of where they will be located and thereby cutting the deck to turn the advantage to you. Shuffle tracking can be unbeatable that even the most skillful player will end up guessing as well.

Shuffle tracking is useless when you are playing online blackjack. This is because there is no human intervention and the cards are accurately shuffled by random number generators. It is impossible for you to predict where certain cards will be located or removed when the deck is shuffled so it is unlikely to predict which sector of the deck the cards will be located.

The method will not be as simple when the half cut method is used in the casino. In the half cut, the deck is broken down towards the center and then divided towards the final third of the deck by the cut card. Once the cut card is reached, play begins and no other cards will be dealt from that point onwards. Aside from that, the entire shoe is not used in the half cut method. For example, in a six deck game, only four cards will be played.

Since you would have to rely on details obtained from the elimination process, casino shuffle tracking would be rendered useless since it is impossible to track which cards are left in the shoe. Likewise, shuffle trackers cannot perform monitoring in well-known casinos since they make use of automated shuffling machines.

Thus, it would be better for you not to use shuffle tracking because you do not know when hand shuffled cards will be used. Another reason is that you need to be good in guessing in order to become successful in shuffle tracking. The method is dependent on card positioning assuming that the prediction is well-calculated. Of course, everything will depend on how the dealer shuffles the cards.