Practice Is The Key To Becoming A Good Shuffle Tracker

Strategy is one of the most important tools that a blackjack player should include in his repertoire. A look at two sides of the coin will reveal that there are amateur players who desire to win and understand that their best weapon to win is to use basic blackjack strategy. On the other side of the coin there are the professional enthusiasts who are not intimidated by complicated blackjack strategies. Belonging to this side of the coin is the shuffle tracker.

shuffle trackers are basically advanced card counters. There is, however, a big difference between the two. shuffle tracking is a more difficult form of card counting. It is interesting to note that while excellent shuffle trackers can count cards, not all card counters have the penchant for shuffle tracking.

To succeed in casino shuffle tracking, one should be capable of performing multiple tasks simultaneously. Good shuffle trackers can play without losing their focus on the deck. It is a technique that is difficult to understand or put into good use. One of the reasons why card counting groups succeeded is because they have members who can track the shuffle.

The key in shuffle tracking is to focus your sights on the shoe as well as the cards that have been dealt. In blackjack games involving multiple decks, it is more convenient to count cards than to shuffle track.

If you can keep monitoring the high end of the deck during the next shuffles, then you have found a way to go about with shuffle tracking. You need to have eagle eyes and determination when using this method to win. When you track the shuffle, it means that you are searching for big number of tens and aces and monitoring them in the next round of shuffling.

When their desirable cards emerge from the shoe, the next thing that a shuffle tracker will do is to increase the size of their bet. Theoretically, it seems an easy and sensible move. In truth, however, it is unlikely to happen.

While most card counting methods are regarded as statistically logical, casino shuffle tracking is volatile and is prone to human mistakes which are not recommended to people whose main aim is to win. If you have already mastered the skill of counting cards, it is more advisable to use the method instead because it can boost your advantage in blackjack.

To most gamblers, casino shuffle tracking is not only a daunting skill to learn but also impractical and does not give a guarantee that you will win in blackjack.