Getting The Most Out Of Shuffle Tracking

Since it was introduced during the 1990s, shuffle tracking has become one of the most popular offshoots of card counting. It combines all the methods of card counting and advanced blackjack strategies with the inclusion of monitoring the deck of cards. casino shuffle tracking considers factors such as desirable and undesirable clumps of cards, the location of certain cards in the deck, the number of hands won and lost.

Knowledge of these factors will give the player an opportunity to move one step higher as far as their card counting skill is concerned. Determining the location of key cards can give better odds and thus will help the gambler decide whether to increase or decrease their bet.

Supposed you were in a game and you were asked to cut a deck of cards with knowledge of where low or high valued cards are located. Since you would want to make sure that a winning hand will be obtained, you will cut the cards in such a way that your odds of winning will be increased. While dealers will have a hard time identifying shuffle trackers, becoming proficient in casino shuffle tracking may be even harder.

Although it is not easy to learn and become a master shuffle tracker, learning the technique will provide you with a couple of benefits when playing blackjack. The first benefit is that it will give you the opportunity to monitor the location of low valued cards and in the process removing them from the picture. In return, you will most likely have a better chance of getting the cards that you desire.

Another benefit that you will gain from learning shuffle tracking is that it will give you the added information regarding the various areas of play. The information you have will come in handy in pinpointing good and bad areas within the stack.

Prior to setting foot in land-based casinos and trying to track shuffles, it is suggested that you take your time in practicing the technique. Just like in any blackjack strategy, the key to success is practice. By exposing yourself to casino shuffle tracking, it will be more convenient for you to study a blackjack deck and provide the information that you need. While identifying the good and bad areas of the deck will not boost your odds dramatically, it is still capable of tilting the odds to your favor if perfected and done correctly.