The Basics of Shuffle Tracking in Blackjack

shuffle tracking is a non-conventional method that you might not be aware of. It is an offshoot of card counting but there is not much information on the issue. While it is more difficult to perfect, this method will often generate better results and huge income when done properly.

In order to have a clear picture of how casino shuffle tracking works, let us cite one instance. Let's say that you are already a seasoned blackjack player and expert in card counting who is playing in a game that uses six decks. During the course of the game you managed to have a good count but the paint cards were never dealt. At the end of the shoe, you have a high value of +13.

Because the paint cards were never dealt, it is quite clear that the lone deck remaining includes most of the high cards you are longing for. If there was any way to monitor that certain stack containing the paint cards, then you would be in a good position during the succeeding rounds just by having knowledge of the location of your desired cards.

There are multiple varieties of shuffle tracking techniques but the most important thing to do is to look for the easiest shuffles so that a great amount of paint cards will remain bunched up. The strategy can be quite complicated to correctly understand and utilize but as mentioned already it can produce favorable results when implemented properly. The idea in using casino shuffle tracking is to minimize your mistakes so that it would immediately reduce any advantage it can give you.

Before even planning to use this method, you need to be sure that you have completely perfected basic blackjack strategy as well as some other techniques of card counting. The most important thing is to keep on practicing and honing your skills until you reach become confident in using it in an actual casino game. There is minimal information about using blackjack shuffle tracking so it is quite difficult to find ways to perfect this strategy.

However, there are some resources that are accessible to you. If you are keen on learning shuffle tracking, you might consider purchasing the computer program Casino Verite Blackjack. With this program, you will be able to practice using this technique on your computer to ensure that you have minimal mistakes before setting foot on a blackjack table where you are likely to lose lots of money.